CNC Lathe
Syil C6 CNC Lathe
Computer not included.


*       X, Z axis are all updated with ball screws,  bearings and couplers. All these will provide very high localization accuracy. It has one 23 high speed stepper motor for X, one 34 stepper motor for Z axis.

*      . All the stepper mounts, ball screw mounts are made of steel, by wire cut machines. So they have good size precision and best rigidity than other plans which using aluminum plate.

*      The X, Y axis steppers, are covered from swarf.

    Photocouplers are installed in every axis as the limit/origin check switch. They have very good accuracy to set up a machine coordinate system.

*     For the NC control system, including CNC interface board, 2 stepper drivers, provide quite all-around functions such as STEPPER FREE, EMERGENCY STOP, LIMIT/TOOL ADJUST SENSORS, SPINDLE CONTROL, HALF DRIVE CURRENT, OVER-THERMAL PROTECTION, etc. About its performance, it provides subdivisions up to 100, the performance even near to a servo system. We recommend you use the system with upper software such as MACH (we think the best), KCAM4.

Technical Data

Distance Between Centers
Swing over bed
Compound Travel
Cross Slide Travel
Machine Dimensions (Lx W x H)
Driving System
Lubrication and Cooling System
Thread Range Metric
Control System
Feed Rate and Positioning Feed
Weight     Approx. 200KG

All exposed wires are covered by plastic corrugated pipes to protect wiring.
C6 lathe is fitted with an encoder for CNC Screw Thread processing.

a steel base, precision guides
1230 mm x 680 mm x 450 mm
Digital Stepper motor; precision ball screw
Minimal quantity lubrication,
0.55kW high-frequency Spindle,10-44TPI
X:1500mm/min Y:1500m m/min
Approx. 200KG
Syil C6
$5,495.00 inc gst
All specifications are subject to change without notice and laptops are NOT included